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Why is branding Important?

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Why is Branding & Brand Identity Important?

If you are a business in 2017, you probably know that a social media presence is important for your company. Your customers are looking for you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They want to be able to talk to you, and know that thy can get engagement from you if they reach out. They want to know what is going on with your company and what new deals they can take advantage of. They want to feel like your company is run by real people, not corporate robots. Social media connection can do all of these things for you, and for them.

But how do you know if your social media campaigns are working?

If you keep putting up posts, how do you know if it is turning into customer engagement?

Some measures of social media engagement are incredibly easy to figure out. You can look at how many followers you have on Twitter or how many “likes” you have on Facebook to see how your page is doing. You can also look at how many responses, retweets, or mentions you have from a tweet, or how many comments, shares, and reactions you have to a post on Facebook.

But beyond looking at ow many comments you have, is there another way of monitoring and maximizing your social media impact? Actually, yes. You can look at what people are talking about and monitor specific keywords. This lets you jump into the conversation with posts targeted to exactly what people are talking about right now.

Here at James Jet Black, we can take care of your social media monitoring for you. We can help you figure out what is and is not working about your current social media strategy. We can make sure that you get the maximum results from your social media posts.

Branding on social media

Branding is incredibly important on social media, and it’s even more important than usual because the format of social media platforms keeps you from using your own fonts and design elements. You are very limited with the sensory design you can give your audience, which means you have to make a concerted effort to brand yourself powerfully on social media.

Branding through storytelling

One of the most effective ways to brand yourself on social media is through storytelling. This can be through posts, videos, or even sequenced ads. If you can get your audience engaged in your story so that they care about the end, they will be more likely to buy from you.

Storytelling is a great way to show who you are and what you care about. At the same time, you will help convince your audience that they should care about your values as well. In fact, social media is a great place to connect with people based on values and things you care about, because it is already a network of people who are seeking out things that they care about, sharing them, and talking about them. So if one of your company values is saving the environment, do some social media storytelling about it! People love sharing stories of companies actually caring about what they care about. This is a perfect way to set yourself apart from the competition – by helping people to connect with you based on the values that are important to them.

Local interest is another great way to do your social media branding. People love supporting local businesses, and they love feeling supported themselves when businesses support local interests. Connect with people on the local level via social media by posting things that are happening around town and things you are doing to support the community.

Website Branding and Brand Identity?

For your website and website design projects, branding is extremely important. We specialize in a wide variety of custom website design projects while our El Dorado Hills Web Design company of choice; Front Street Media develops and builds them for us. We research your company, campaign, goals and strategy and then we implement that into a stunning design. Whatever your website goals are, trust the expert James Jet Black for a stunning website design project in the Greater Sacramento area.

Why do I need to worry about social media branding?

Branding is incredibly important to the success of any company. It is what sets you apart from the competition and lets customers know who you are. If you don’t have a branding strategy yet, you are missing out on sales and revenue – guaranteed! Give James Jet Black a call today and we will help you get your branding on track and ready to wow your customers.

James Jet Black
Who are we? James Jet Black Designs is a talented, knowledgeable team of brand identity graphic design experts whose favorite thing is creating gorgeous images and on-point designs to help YOUR business grow.

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